Blu By the Sea FAQs

What types of addictions can Blu By the Sea treat?
Our program’s approach allows us to treat all forms of drug and alcohol addictions, no matter how severe the problem. View the addictions we work with most often at our treatment overview.

How is Blu By the Sea’s program different from other programs, including traditional 12-step programs?
Our center is different from other treatment facilities because:
We use a true one-on-one approach. We have approximately 1.4 staff for every client, which means your loved one will be working with our staff on his/her program from the minute they arrive until the minute they leave.
The reason we are a true one-on-one center is we know this approach works.
We are a small home-style facility, in a 10,500 square foot beach house on Destin Beach, Florida. The center is neat, clean and comfortable, making it conducive to one wanting to be here and do the real work it takes to overcome addiction.
The program is customized to ensure each individual succeeds.

Our program and center is designed to help those who have been to other centers and, for whatever reason, have been unsuccessful. We also help those who want to do it correctly the first time. The overwhelming majority of people who have been exposed to the twelve-steps reject the method and have continued on with their addiction. Unfortunately, since most centers are based on the twelve-steps, people who have been to multiple centers lose hope because they believe all programs are just more of the same. Our program is effective, and offers a solution because we teach our clients they have the power and ability to live stable, ethical and productive drug-free lives focused on dignity and respect.

What makes your program so successful?
The following are just a few of the many reasons why people who attend our program are successful. We know that a small environment providing one-on-one attention is by far the most effective. We are a small home-style facility with a staff/client ratio of 1.4 staff for every individual. Through our research we also know that the environment is almost as important as the program, and that is why our facility is neat, clean and comfortable.

Our facility is a 10,500 square foot beach house on Destin Beach, Florida. We are not trying to provide anyone with a vacation home, but it is important to provide an environment that is conducive to people wanting to stay here and do the real work it takes to overcome addiction. We have learned, through our research, that when individuals are in an environment that they do not like, they typically are concentrating on ways to get out of the facility and, consequently, are not concentrating on the program. You or your loved one will benefit by being in a facility that provides a pleasant atmosphere. Our goal is to be a part of the solution and do whatever works in order to help you or your loved one overcome addiction. Our facility is an important component of an overall successful program.

How long does it take to complete the program?
The typical stay revolves around the 90 day range. Some individuals may take 85 days to complete the program, others 98 and some may take 110. It is important to recognize that it may take some people longer than others. As in any successful undertaking there are no shortcuts.

Research shows that most individuals with a drug addiction and/or alcohol problem require an individualized program without predetermined time limits. Programs are often designed around treating an individual for a fixed number of days instead of focusing on the different stages the individual must go through, in their own time, to overcome their addiction and learn how to lead an ethical and productive drug-free life.

Every individual at Blu By the Sea goes through a specific process. It takes some individuals more time to go through the process than others. The goal here is to be a part of the solution and do whatever it takes, however long it takes, to help rid you or your loved one from the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse.

How does the Blu By the Sea program work?
During the first portion of our program, clients go through a process using a combination of vitamins, exercise, and sauna, which helps them regain their health and rids their body of the drug residues and toxins trapped in fatty tissues. This procedure eliminates the physical cravings for the drugs and/or alcohol and helps restore health. The process takes three to four weeks. Once our clients complete this part of the program, they often say, “I can’t believe how much better I feel,” or “I never knew I could feel this way again.” They have a renewed sense of hope and excitement. An excitement that comes from believing and understanding that something positive is happening in their lives. This realization and experience helps to prepare each client for the “New Life Skills” section of the program.

Our program harnesses the excitement created in the “health enhancement and cravings reduction” part of the program and directs the individual’s enthusiasm into the course room. Our counselors will help you or your loved one learn about and “see” a different way of living. The “New Life Skills” section uses a series of different courses to repair the mental and emotional damage caused by drug and/or alcohol abuse. The program includes going over the underlying cause of why the person started using, the choices made that created the individual’s past condition, the steps that must be taken to keep the individual from returning to his/her past condition and what individual actions are required for the person to go out and live a happy and productive life.

The “New Life Skills” portion of the program is employed to teach individuals a new and better way to live. Our program is based on methods that reinforce positive behavior. We believe and have demonstrated thousands of times that people have the power to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. What they need are the tools to do so and we provide those tools.

During the entire program individuals participate in both one-on-one and group counseling. Counseling services are conducted by professional licensed counselors. The counselor’s main objective during the sessions is to provide therapy that helps repair the emotional damage created by past drug and alcohol abuse. Counselors also focus on self-esteem issues that often arise out of substance abuse problems.

Three to four months is a long time to be away, do you offer a shorter program?
No, we offer a solution to you or your loved one’s substance abuse problem. Lifestyle change takes time. We are not the path of least resistance. We are the path to recovery. Unfortunately, as in most good things in life, the easier path typically does not net positive results. We have had several individuals from professional/business people to homemakers go through our program that initially thought they could not spare the time. Most everyone who has worked our program has benefited personally and/or professionally from attending our center. In fact, these individuals are more successful in their business and personal lives now than they ever were before entering our program.

Addiction is a serious problem and we ask people not to lose sight of the goal. The goal is not a quick rehab experience. The goal is to find a solution and overcome the scourge of drug and alcohol addiction. You can take that important first step today by giving us a call at 800-253-3168.

I do not want to go (or) send my loved one all the way to Destin Florida. Do you have a facility closer?
We have found through our research that it is therapeutic to “get away” when going to rehab. The real question is, what is really important, to find a center that is close or to find a solution and receive the help needed to overcome addiction? Our advice is to not let geography stand in the way of what is really important and to not lose sight of the prize. Ultimately, the prize is finding and receiving long-term help for you or your loved one’s addiction problem.

What if someone does not want to stay?
Even the most reluctant guests become open to the program once they experience the pleasant home-like atmosphere and see that they are guests in our home rather than patients in a facility. Research shows that recovery can be successful if every aspect of the treatment facility is conducive to people wanting to be there and every effort is made by the program’s staff to enable individuals to engage in the real work it takes to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Often times when individuals first begin a rehabilitation program they are quick to criticize their surroundings and may use them as an excuse to why they can’t succeed. That is why it is important to choose a drug and rehabilitation program that offers a comfortable and accommodating environment so that participants can focus on their recovery rather than on any negative aspects of the facility. This includes providing outstanding food options that are nutritious and also providing clean and open living spaces that create an inspiring and positive setting.

What level of freedom are clients at Blu By the Sea provided?
Blu By the Sea is a residential substance abuse rehabilitation facility. The definition of a residential facility is that the individual is under our care and custody at all times. We understand that it is important to keep our clients busy on their program through work and activities. To maximize a person’s chance at recovery, the rehab experience cannot be viewed as a punishment. Going to rehab is a positive step in the right direction and the rehab experience should reinforce the positive viewpoint. One of the advantages of having a large staff is that we can take clients out for a walk on the beach, bike riding, and other various activities that enhance the rehabilitation experience.

Our program is intense and, as in most good things in life, requires work. There is, however, a balance that can be maintained. After a hard week’s work we take clients out on Saturday night to a nice dinner and then to the movies, bowling, fishing, hiking, canoeing, or other various activities. The reasons we do this are two-fold. One is that we want to give our clients something fun to do after working hard all week, the other is that we want to show and prove to our clients that they can have a good time and enjoy life without involving drugs and alcohol. By the time each client completes treatment, he/she has gone out 12,13,14 times and has genuinely had a good time, so he/she understands and knows that there is such a thing as having fun and enjoying life drug and alcohol free.

How do you keep the environment drug-free and safe?
Another advantage of a small facility that is heavy in staff is that we can effectively keep drugs out of the facility. Strict policies and procedures are in place and enforced to guard against our clients being exposed to drugs and/or alcohol.

My loved one is a master manipulator. How can I be assured that my loved one will not just manipulate his/her way through the program?
Another one of the advantages of being a small home-style facility heavy in staff is that we are more equipped to handle the “manipulation factor.” Every day we have two staff meetings. During the meetings we talk about each client and their sleeping and eating habits, mood swings, where they are on their program, etc. We are also looking for and talking about what clients are saying and leading us to believe versus what their actions are. We know that if individuals are trying to manipulate staff and their way through the program then they are not concentrating on the program and doing the real work it takes to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. When we find those who we believe are trying to manipulate their way through the program we have our counselors confront the individual, in a non-threatening way, to help the client get realigned and refocused back on the program. Larger centers simply cannot pay attention to the details” we can” and that has made all the difference.

What happens when I or my loved one returns from the program? How will I or my loved one deal with old friends and old habits?
Unfortunately for some, going back home to the same environment might be a reality that has to be encountered. We cannot change the world around us. We can only change ourselves. You or your loved one will cease to be a “magnet” for those who want to bring you or your loved one back down to the life of drug and alcohol abuse. Our clients have the tools necessary to successfully start a new life. We dedicate an entire book and course on how to spot and handle people and situations that can put us in harm’s way. You or your loved one will learn how to properly confront and disconnect from harmful people and potentially harmful situations. Whether it is going back home or starting a new life somewhere else, our counselors will work with the client and their families on a “plan” that everyone feels comfortable with in order to give each client the best chance at success.

I or my loved one have just worked “odd jobs” or has no skills or job experience. What will I or my loved one do after they complete treatment?
We work hard to help our clients find their “place” in society. If an individual has no skills or just worked “odd jobs” just to “get by,” we can help. Our counselors will perform career testing to see what career path may be suitable for you or your loved one. We also help our clients write out their “battle plan” which is a step-by-step comprehensive plan on what they are going to do and how they are going to do it when they leave the center. The counselors will contact family members and make sure that everyone is together on helping the client succeed. We look for and try to find each individual’s passion. What is it that the client may have wanted to do in the past but the drug use got in the way? We, along with the individual and family, work out a plan to help the client realize his/her goal. Some people can leave the center and start to work, some may need to work part-time and go to school part-time, and others may need to go to school full-time. Whatever works for that individual is what we want to achieve. We take something away from our clients, and that is their addiction. We must give something back to our clients, and that is a goal and a purpose in life.

How can families and friends make a difference in the life of someone needing treatment?
The best way families and friends can make a difference is by getting the person help.