Our Addiction Resources For Additional Information

Our addiction resources page provides links to interesting and noteworthy articles that help you learn more about addiction and addiction treatment. Our goal is to help you be informed about the dangers of drug abuse, the methods of recovery, and the science that goes into rehabilitation efforts. We hope that you learn something new from these resources, and that they help you or a loved one on the road to recovery.

Drug Addiction

Learn more about drug addiction and the science behind addiction here.


Find common questions and answers regarding drug rehabilitation programs, treatment, and recovery here.

Drugs of Abuse

Learn more about the drugs of abuse we treat here at Blu By the Sea.


Read the latest information and research on drug addiction here.


Addiction Resources & Treatment

At Blu By the Sea, we take rehabilitation seriously. Our goal is to help you find a treatment that works for your addiction. We want to empower you to face the challenges of addiction and defeat them. Our team of compassionate staff members works with you to get past addiction and begin a new, sober life that does not include drugs or alcohol. Learn more about our programs by browsing the site or calling one of our caring counselors right now. It’s never too late to start getting the help that you need to overcome addiction.