Florida Drug Rehab & Alcohol Recovery

Blu By the Sea is a tried and proven Florida drug rehab program located in Destin, on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

We designed our rehab program based on the results and experiences we encountered helping our own son overcome his drug addiction. You can read our story, and dozens of testimonials from other successful clients.

Why Blu By the Sea is Right for You

– Our facility is neat, clean, and comfortable
– One-to-one client to staff ratio
– Personalized treatment for each client
– A keen focus on lasting recovery
– We are not a 12-step program
– Complete body purification program

How We are  Different

Research-Based Treatment Programs

Blu By the Sea is based on information uncovered from years of research concerning the details and the processes required to provide long-term recovery for those suffering with drug and alcohol addiction.

Residential Care

We also studied and applied the principles needed to administer exceptional residential care. Using these principles and practices has unleashed the most powerful and effective drug rehab methodology in Florida.

A Unique Approach

Our valued clients benefit from the positive results that they achieve through our unique and effective approach to treatment.

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Plans Tailored to Each Client

Aspects of our Florida drug rehab program include customizing drug and alcohol treatment plans that are tailored to individuals and their needs. Blu By the Sea helps clients succeed by operating a Florida drug rehab facility that is small, and accepts a limited number of individuals.

Caring and Experienced Staff

By having a caring and effective staff who are trained in both drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we offer an aspect of experience that can not be rivaled.

Medically Licensed

Our personnel includes both registered and licensed nurses on location at all times, medical doctors trained in addiction treatment on-site and available 24/7, true one-on-one care and attention by licensed drug and alcohol therapists, a facility that is neat, clean, comfortable and conducive for addiction recovery.

More Time and Attention to Each Client

The small number of patients in the facility at a given time ensures that our staff has the time to administer proper care to everyone, and attend to their individual needs.

Your Success in Recovery

The success of our Florida drug rehab program equals success for you or your loved one. You or your loved one will experience a new-found hope and, most important, a solution to his or her drug and/or alcohol addiction.

Florida Drug Rehab

Let our experiences help your recovery efforts at Blu By the Sea. We are professionals that have the tools and knowledge to help you and your loved ones leave addiction in the distant past. Contact us today to learn how we can customize a treatment plan for your needs.