Our Rehab Program

Start a New Life With Our Rehab Program

Our rehab program is packaged in a series of standardized steps that are done in an exact sequence. These courses help individuals withdraw from current drug use, get into communication with others and the environment, remove residual drugs from their bodies, gain control of themselves and reach a point where they can take responsibility, not only for themselves, but others as well. The program also addresses and handles the reason why individuals started using drugs in the first place and arms them with the knowledge and certainty they need to lead a happy, drug-free life.

The Program

This first step of the program assists the individual to cease current drug use safely and with minimal discomfort through proper nutrition, vitamins and special techniques to ease mental and physical symptoms.


The medical director upon completion of the intake physical and assessments will design an individualized treatment plan with an emphasis on comfort and safety. While clients are in the initial phase of the program they are constantly being observed by our registered nurses as well as our withdraw specialists.  The clinical staff and specialists will be delivering different forms of therapeutic modalities to the clients throughout the course of the day.

The Communications Course

Eight therapeutic training routines help clients regain their confidence and get them into better communication with others and their environment. Each step is a specific drill on the parts of communication and how to get oneself understood and how to handle difficulties when communicating with others.

New Life Purification Program

This exclusive step of the program removes drug residues and other toxic substances from the body. These residues remain locked in fatty tissues of the body and can be released into the blood stream years after the person has stopped taking drugs. The residuals are the cause of drug cravings and need to be eliminated from the body. An exact regimen of exercise, sauna and nutritional supplements rid the fatty tissues in the body of these residues.

Learning Improvement Course

This course gives clients the ability to study and retain knowledge and the ability to recognize and overcome barriers to learning. Clients will be able to use a dictionary to define words that they do not fully understand and will be able to demonstrate concepts so they can easily grasp them.

The Communication & Perception Course

Clients sharpen their skills by re-doing the eight training routines from step 2 and then they perform a series of new exercises that fully regain their confidence. This greatly raises perception and the clients’ ability to handle the environment and control their lives. Clients help their fellow clients run the exercises. The clients take responsibility for helping another, which increases their ability to handle life.

The Ups and Downs In Life Course

Clients learn the ability to spot and handle those influences in their environment that might lead them to return to drug use. They learn to identify constructive and destructive personality traits so they can better choose friends and associates and be less susceptible to negative influences.

The Personal Values and Integrity Course

This course give clients the skills they need to improve their ability to survive. Each client learns about eight areas in life they must try and survive through using a system of personal ethics, honesty, and integrity. They will be able to correct behavior that undermines their survival by ridding themselves of the guilt from harmful actions in the past.

Changing Conditions In Life Course

Each client learns the exact step-by-step formulas they need to apply to improve their life. This ethics technology covers exactly how to apply the formulas to improve conditions in life. They also learn how to repair problems in the past so they can keep progressing toward a positive future.

The Way To Happiness Course

This course gives the client a moral code to use as a guide to living a happy, drug-free life.

Complete Treatment With A Comprehensive Battle Plan

Working with a Blu By the Sea counselor, each individual develops a personalized plan of the specific steps that need to be taken in their personal life and environment after completing the program. Clients will map out their goals for one week, one month, three months, six months, and a year, addressing the eight areas in life that they must survive.

It is the complete program of the Blu By the Sea steps listed above that produces a drug-free, productive, and ethical individual. Although each action of the program produces significant gains, it is the combined effects of all the steps interweaving that results in a full and permanent recovery. Can proudly claim and has demonstrated with thousands of case histories that addiction has ended.