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After Treatment You Can Expect:
An improved ability to learn and accept new ideas on how to change life for the better.
A fundamental idea of what it means to live an ethical and moral life.
To be a productive and contributing member of society and have no further troubles with the justice system.
To make rational and meaningful choices without the use of mind-altering drugs.
The Blu By The Sea program helps you gain a new perspective on life. By utilizing the tools you learn during your stay, you will gain the skills to maintain your sobriety.
This is not theoretical. We have three decades of former clients who will swear by it.
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Diverse Activities

Before the Blu By the Sea program I had went through a couple of twelve-step programs and had attended Narcotics Anonymous meetings for about two years. I was clean off and on but then I started using Oxycontin.

I was a mess. My family lost trust in me, I isolated myself from my family and friends, and I had money issues. My life basically spiraled out of control.

I am a different person. I am motivated. I can take life on and handle situations on my own. I am confident and I am back to my old self. For the first time in years I can say that I am happy.

I would recommend the Blu By the Sea program to anyone with a drug or alcohol problem. The program along with the one-on-one care works.

Diverse Activities

Before the Blu By the Sea my life was in chaos. All I cared about was drugs, I wasn’t in touch with my family, I was wandering around trying to figure out how to get high. I was depressed and felt that I was not a good person. I had no time for anyone, including my son.

After going through the program I feel so much better. I can now do simple things like carry on a conversation and speak to people. I now have friends who are not drug users.

The Blu By the Sea program is a total life-changing experience. I was scared at first but it didn’t take long to understand that the staff was there to help me. It was a family type atmosphere and the program taught me how to move on with my life and to live a life without drugs. I now know that I am a good person and am capable of doing good things. I would recommend the Blu By the Sea program to anyone because it works.

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