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Basic Facts About Addiction Aftercare

addiction aftercare

There are currently about 25 million Americans that are dealing with drug abuse, addiction, and dependency. Adding the number of individuals that are dealing with alcohol issues, the total jumps to nearly 43 million people in USA alone. Of the 25 million that are dealing with substance issues alone, around 40% of them need immediate professional help. However, the harsh reality is that only 10% of the total number will get the help they need. Fewer than that will experience drug rehab success and will eventually relapse if they do. Addiction aftercare helps prevent this.

Granted, there are literally thousands of addiction treatment and recovery centers throughout the US today. However, despite the fact that all of them have similar immediate and long-term goals, that is where any similarities between them typically end. Some of them have high drug rehab success rates while others have extremely high failure rates. But what is it that makes these programs so effective and separates them from other facilities? What are they doing that is so different from those programs that fail their clients?

Staying sober after rehab can be a challenge – our program gives you the tools to build a new life. These courses combined with our aftercare program give you the best chance at long term recovery.

What Makes an Effective Aftercare Program?

With the sheer number of facilities available for addiction treatment, choosing the right one can be confusing. But it is essential that for drug rehab success, the addicted individual enters a professional treatment and rehab facility to ensure proper care and treatment.

There are three key elements that separate the more effective drug rehab programs from the less effective ones. They are as follows:

  • Accessibility the most successful programs welcome their clients into a comforting, homelike environment and are available to help them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They remove those obstacles that prevent addicted individuals from getting the help they need.
  • Higher success rates for all practical purposes, the more effective addiction treatment and recovery programs are defined by drug rehab success and staying substance-free without relapsing once they have returned home to their communities.
  • Lower percentages of relapse how well clients do once they have completed and left the program is another defining factor. When they remain substance-free long after they have completed the program it means that the addiction treatment and recovery facility was effective in teaching them how they could live a normal life without drugs.

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