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Our luxury drug rehab facility is located in sunny Destin, Florida. Study after study has shown us that addiction treatment requires focus, peace, and a change of pace – which Florida provides. Our location allows you to relax in the peaceful sun and surf of Destin, and focus on the recovery journey.

Addiction Treatment the Blu By the Sea Way

At Blu By the Sea Drug Rehab we call Florida home. Our beliefs are that a thorough, safe withdrawal phase is necessary to help the body become free of drugs and alcohol. After that, daily one on one and group counseling sessions, life skills classes and personalized medical care help the recovering user work toward sober living. Although there are drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers across the country, there are certain advantages and benefits to going to a luxury Florida drug rehab.

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Advantages of Florida Rehab

advantages of florida rehab

    • Benefits of a Warmer Climate – Those who live in a climate that’s warm year-round may take advantage of it and not realize the benefits of sunny, warm weather. But individuals who live in areas with cold winters or perpetual gray weather can suffer emotionally.

      Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or depression related to the weather can exacerbate addiction. Being able to recover in the warmth and sunshine is emotionally, mentally and physically beneficial.


    • Change of Scenery – Sometimes a fresh start can be the most effective catalyst to recovery. Leaving behind one’s home and difficult circumstances for a change of scenery can help a user focus on getting healthy again.

      Hope for recovery can be found in the little things, such as a new room, relaxing by a pool or simply getting away from the same four walls.


    • Cost Benefits – The cost of going to a Florida rehab can vary depending on the person’s insurance as well as the location. But sometimes going to a rehabilitation facility out of state can end up being cheaper than being admitted to one within the state where the user lives. Being able to afford professional help removes additional stress that can impede the rehab process.
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  • Distance from Certain Places and Faces – Certain places and faces can serve as triggers, leading an individual to use drugs or alcohol. When distance is put between an individual that wishes to recover and those trigger people or environments, it can give them the benefit of making progress without temptation.

    As the individual recovers in our Florida drug rehab, they’ll learn important life skills that help them learn how to eliminate or deal with triggers they’ll face when they return home.

Taking the First Step Toward Recovery

Anyone that finds themselves struggling with drug or alcohol addiction can make a change starting today. There are professional, compassionate counselors waiting at Blu By the Sea’s Florida Drug Rehab to help individuals wanting to break free from the stronghold of addiction.

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Whether the person is a Florida resident or not, Blu By the Sea Rehab staff members can help users overcome addiction, regain health and learn how to live a sober life. The benefits of recovering at a Florida drug rehab can provide the nudge a family member or friend needs to decide they’re ready to recover.

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By taking the first step today the path to recovery can start immediately. So don’t hesitate any longer, contact us today by calling 1 (850) 424-3252, or fill out the quick and easy form to have one of our counselors contact you immediately.