sedativesWhat Are Prescription Sedatives?

It is when the drugs start being abused, taken for the wrong reasons or in higher quantities that proper use can develop into addiction. Since prolonged use of any of these drugs can result in tolerance, the individual will continue to increase the dosage, placing them at-risk of prescription drug addiction.

Prescription sedatives or barbiturates are generally prescribed by doctors to patients dealing with sleep disorders, panic and anxiety disorders, as well as muscle spasms.

Many people have heard of prescription sedatives such as Xanax, Ambien, Valium and Kolonopin and may have even been prescribed one or more of these medicines during their life. When sedatives are taken under the close supervision of a physician, they can help the person overcome troubling or painful health issues.

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Learn More about Sedatives and Treatment for Addiction

  • Reasons Why Sedatives are Addictive: The body builds up a tolerance to barbiturates over the course of time, meaning more of the same drug is needed to achieve the same effect. Increasing dosage without a doctor’s consent places the user at-risk of accidental overdose and addiction.
  • Dangers of Prescription Drug Addiction: The acute withdrawal symptoms experienced by many abusers of sedatives can place them at-risk, especially if they attempt to withdrawal at home. Symptoms and conditions that were the original reason for taking the drug, such as anxiety disorder, can feel more pronounced. In addition to panic, confusion and convulsion, trying to quit sedatives alone can lead to stroke or death.
  • Withdrawal from Sedatives: The safe, medically supervised environment of a professional addiction treatment center allows those addicted to sedatives to rid their bodies of the drugs in the most healthy and safe way. A closely monitored setting ensures that each individual is as comfortable as possible while being cared for by medical professionals. Withdrawal is an important and necessary process before any forward steps can be taken.
  • Treatment for Addiction to Barbiturates: Once the withdrawal phase is complete, the focus is placed on recovery through physical and mental healthcare, group and individual counseling, and attendance to classes and workshops that promote sober living. All of these components help the user learn about the issues contributing toward their addiction as they also learn how to live without the drugs.
  • Sober Living: Those who’ve overcome sedative addiction will maintain sober living through lifelong efforts to eliminate or avoid triggers, while replacing negative, unhealthy behaviors with ones that promote the new lifestyle. Throughout treatment, the person will gain skills and knowledge that enable him or her to build a strong foundation for sober living.

Take the First Step Toward Clean, Sober Living

The heartache and havoc wreaked by addiction to sedatives can destroy families and lives. It is possible to regain health, hope and restore relationships with professional treatment for prescription drug addiction.

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