Addiction to Prescription Drugs
Addiction to Prescription Drugs & Loss of Control

Addiction to prescription drugs often comes about without any prior intention of illegal or dangerous drug use. What begins as doctor-prescribed management of post-surgery pain, long-term disease relief or even a temporary break from the discomfort of major physical ailments can become a serious addiction to a narcotic induced sense of physical comfort.

If the patient comes to realize that the painkillers also help lessen emotional pain, the complications of addiction accumulate proportionately. When the painkillers also involve a pleasurable side effect, the risks of addiction increases significantly.

Perhaps the lure of painkillers or another type of prescription drug has taken hold of you or a loved one. Maybe it is not even a physical need in the sense of pain relief. Perhaps it has become an emotional crutch or simply a way of feeling good. In any even, the professionals here at Blu By the Sea Drug Rehab have a program that will help you become drug-free. Learn how to live clean, become a productive member of society, and restore your broken relationships with friends and family.

If you or someone you know is suffering with a prescription drug addiction, contact us today to find help.

Programs Designed to Treat All Types of Addictions

Your personalized plan is based upon:

  • A doctor’s exam
  • A health evaluation
  • Purposeful one-on-one counseling

We teach you to:

  • Recognize high-risk situations
  • Cope with and avoid danger spots
  • Maintain self-control
  • Anticipate problems before they occur

Programs Designed to Treat All Types of Addictions

No two people are alike. Tolerance levels differ. The severity of addiction ranges over a wide gap of differences. Family support may or may not be available. Friends may be lingering near, or they may have retreated from the problem.

Our program helps you or your loved one eliminate the cravings that drive individuals to seek drugs in spite of negative consequences. Relapse prevention is a critical component in our Painkiller addiction treatment program.

Let Blu By the Sea Drug Rehab Help Today

The Blu By the Sea program is designed to provide a realistic one-on-one approach to drug addiction. Our staff to patient ratio is approximately 1.4 to 1. Success is in personal attention to individual needs. We provide solutions for people other centers, including those with the twelve-step method, have failed.

Don’t lose hope.

Our program is not run-of-the-mill. To learn how to regain a powerful, stable, drug-free life contact our staff today. We want you to live with renewed dignity and respect.

Please contact Blu By the Sea Addiction Treatment center today at 1 (850) 424-3252 to speak with one of our addiction specialists today about our facility and our programs.

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