Dangers of Opiate Abuse

Before death or jail happens, many caring people get their loved one the help that is desperately needed for opiate abuse through a rehab center. Being addicted to opiates is very dangerous. To get the euphoric effect, the drug is usually injected.

It is hard for a person to watch his or her loved one’s behavior change for the worse, loose his or her job and possibly start stealing to get money for their next fix. Don’t hesitate any longer to seek medical help and attention.

Rehabilitation CentersOur Rehabilitation Center

There are many rehab centers that provide treatment for opiate abuse. When searching for a place to help your loved one or yourself, make sure that it has the programs that will make opiate recovery successful.

Blu By the Sea is a place where an individual will feel safe and secure while receiving the professional services that will ensure a successful treatment program. Those who are withdrawing from opiates will have physical symptoms such as anxiety, tremors, agitation, nausea and muscle aches.

Possible other withdrawal symptoms are uncontrollable diarrhea and vomiting. Blu By the Sea will help with all of these discomforts after a loved one stops using drugs. A customized withdrawal plan will be developed by the medical director to help you our your loved one recover from opiate abuse.

New Life Skills

One-on-one counseling will aid the recovering individual in discovering and repairing all of the emotional and mental turmoil that was caused by the drug and or alcohol addiction. The counselors will help you understand why drug usage was an option. Attainable goals will be established giving you a purpose in life and a directional path to follow.

Steps to Successful Rehabilitation

Steps to Successful RehabilitationBlu By the Sea has many types of rehabilitation programs for the customized care that a loved one needs. These programs are planned and are utilized one step at a time so that recovery will be highly successful. They include the Intensive Recovery program, Woman Spirit Program, Continuing Care Program and Dual Recovery Program, to name only a few.

Our Programs

  • The Intensive Recovery Program is designed so that the loved one and his or her family learn to develop ways to communicate with each other clearly and in an informative and positive manner. They will be able to talk about their feelings and how to deal with life’s stress’s during sobriety and recovery.
  • The Woman Spirit Program and Wrap Around Services has the attributes of the Intensive Recovery Program and lasts for eight weeks. It helps your loved one deal with problems or treatment issues that are specific to woman, such as dealing with day-to-day problems in raising their children and how to handle the stress while being drug or alcohol free.
  • Supportive Continuing Care Program consists of your loved one going through three hours a week of educational sessions, along with group counseling to give supportive aid to his or her recovery.Dual Recovery Programs are customized for people who have mental health issues and who are also chemically dependent on drugs and or alcohol. Customized and supportive rehabilitative care is so important for your loved one’s successful recovery. All it takes is a phone call to renew your hope.

Let Blu By the Sea Help Today

Please contact Blu By the Sea today at 1 (850) 424-3252 to speak with one of our addiction specialists about our facility and our programs. We are trained in getting you and your loved ones the sobriety that is a must to continue down a positive life path. Don’t wait any longer, get help today.

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