As per the DEA report of 2009, cocaine poses a serious health risk and is one of the most abused drugs which are illegally trafficked throughout the US. Nearly 1.5 million adults in US abuse cocaine at least once a month. Both the forms of cocaine- crack and powered are highly addictive and fatal in many cases. Cocaine addicts usually inhale, inject or smoke the drug. Producing a feeling of euphoria, the white crystalline powder or the common form of cocaine can lead to cardiac arrest or strokes which are usually followed by respiratory arrests. The main symptoms of overdose are hallucinations, convulsions and heightened body temperature.

The alarming rise in cocaine addictions and statistics regarding cocaine abuse within the age of 25-36 years as per DEA reports are:

  • 8% of nearly all of high school students have experienced cocaine once at least
  • 25% of adults over the age of 25-35 years have used cocaine
  • 90% admitted to abuse of cocaine after marijuana use or drinking alcohol

Cocaine Drug Abuse

With devastating consequences, the addicted individual still continues with the compulsory addiction and here are some of the health drawbacks that are experienced:

Normal doses: Irregular and fast heart rhythms, increased respiratory rates, dilated pupils, restlessness, heightened activity, agitation, hypertension, decreased appetite and aggressiveness.

Large doses: Perspiration, shivering, blurred vision, dizziness, anxiety, panic attacks, chest pain, seizures, abdominal ache, heart attacks, delusions, paranoia.

Apart from the usual use, there re numerous varieties that is mixed with other chemicals such as methcathinone, which is molecularly similar to methamphetamine. Heroin mixed with cocaine or cigars filled with crack and marijuana mix termed as “˜blunt’ and “˜woolah’ are popular drugs on the street. The rise in the addiction to cocaine has led to a demand for establishment of numerous treatment and recovery centers all over the nation.

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