Alcohol AbuseThe Common Denominator to Family Woes

When coupled with repeated and regular consumption, alcohol creates in users an extreme tolerance that is quickly followed by physical dependence. Alcohol is legal to consume, people generally don’t see it as a drug or a possible substance that can transform your entire life.

The lure of alcohol captures more people than any other type of drug addiction. Easily obtainable throughout the United States, this legalized relaxant is the most frequently abused drug in society. When taken in excess, alcohol produces intense feelings of euphoria.

The effects of alcohol abuse are not limited to the addicted individuals. This disease attacks families, workplaces and even strangers. Here at Blu By the Sea, we have the expertise to help you or your loved one recover from the effects of alcohol abuse.

More than a Drinking Problem

When people who are addicted to alcohol attempt to turn away from the drug, complications follow improper withdrawl treatment. In many events, “delirium tremens” will confound the attempt to cease drinking. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “delirium tremens” involves a shifting in the mental or nervous system of the user. The condition can occur:

  • When alcohol addicts cease drinking after a heavy binge
  • When alcohol addicts fail to eat properly
  • When the user has a history of excessive alcohol consumption.

“Delirium tremens” commonly affects people with a history of alcohol addiction. Symptoms include:

  • Body tremors
  • Feelings of agitation and confusion
  • Changes in your mental ability to function
  • Disorientation and a reduced attention span
  • Hallucination
  • Delirium
  • Restlessness and sensitivity to sight, sound and touch
  • Rapid changes in mood and the need for activity
  • Seizures
  • Fatigue
  • More

Mixing Alcohol And Prescription MedicationComplications with Mixing Alcohol and Prescription Medication

You have read the labels on medication. You understand that mixing alcohol and prescription drugs involves a significant risk of illness, injury or death for the user. But addiction to alcohol affects your judgment. Perhaps you or your addicted loved one assume safety in a situation that is in fact very dangerous.

Every individual is different. The complications of mixing alcohol and prescription medication are not typical from individual to individual. Perhaps you or your loved one is involved in a very risky and unpredictable habit of mixing medication with alcohol. You need help now. The risk is may be far greater than you can conceive.

One-on-One Treatment

Here at Blu By the Sea, we assess the needs of individual patients. Upon admission, our professionals will exam you or your addicted loved one. We perform a:

  • Physical exam
  • Health evaluation
  • Personal study of you or your addicted loved one’s physical history of side effects
  • A customized one-on-one counseling program

We know how to put together an alcohol recovery plan that takes into account the individual withdrawal and treatment expectations of each unique patient. Our programs help alcoholics overcome the cravings that cause them to take compulsive chances with, what to them, has become an uncontrollable legalized drug. We teach solid and dependable methods:

  • For relapse prevention strategies
  • How to recognize and access high-risk situations
  • Develop a plan that effective helps you avoid danger points
  • Gain self-control
  • Anticipate problems and learn to cope before the situation becomes critical
  • Gather effective and reliable tools for survival and victory

Let Blu By the Sea Help Today

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