Drug Abuse & Treatments at our Florida Rehab Center

There is no more powerless a feeling than watching a loved one destroy his or her life by abusing drugs. Professional help is almost always needed to help drug abusers to kick their addictions. Rehab centers like Blu By the Sea can help recovering addicts to find a new purpose to their existence, one that does not include the use of drugs. We offer treatment for many drugs of abuse in our gorgeous Florida rehab facility.

How Addiction HappensHow Addiction Happens

Drug abuse is defined as excessively using illegal drugs, or prescription drugs for purposes other than how they were prescribed, either for recreational purposes or to fulfill a need. It’s not clear why some people need drugs while other can use them occasionally, but it’s usually tied to family history, the age at which one first tries drugs, and childhood trauma. These circumstances can lead people to feel as though they have voids in their lives, and they think drugs help to fill those voids.

However, the feeling that these people chase is a fleeting one. Though the user’s first drug experience may be memorable, they end up taking more drugs in an attempt to recreate that initial feeling, which cannot be replicated no matter how much is used. As a result, the addiction deepens to the point that it cannot be defeated without help.

Warning Signs of Addiction

If you know someone who is having drug problems, you’ll likely be able to spot their problem before they do. You may notice drug users losing interest in activities they once enjoyed, skipping out on their responsibilities in order to use drugs, and the presence of legal and personal dangers surrounding their drug use. When you notice these traits, it’s up to you to help.

Of course, your mere mentioning of this problem might not do much to help your loved one to get better. In fact, the most telling sign of all is if they continue to use in spite of the clear damage done to those around them. If people are aware that their drug abuse hurts others, yet they continue their drug use, it’s time to take action.

The Dangers of NOT Acting Now

We all know where drug abuse can lead. Those who abuse drugs in spite of the problems drugs cause put themselves at tremendous risk of hurting themselves or even you. Addicts cannot control themselves and act in irrational ways, some of which are extremely dangerous. The longer you wait to act, the higher the chances of your being physically hurt, and the higher the chances your loved one will die.

Getting HelpGetting Help

There are plenty of rehabilitation facilities out there, but not all of them are created equal. Rather than merely helping patients to quit drugs, Blu By helps recovering addicts to learn the necessary life skills to create new lives and avoid situations where they might be tempted to again use drugs.

Our Florida Treatment Facility

Blu By the Sea is housed in a gorgeous beach house in South Florida. One of the most notable features of Blu By the Sea is its New Life Purification Program, in which those in recovery physically sweat out their addictions through exercise, saunas and vitamins.

From there, patients can take many different courses, including classes about personal values, communication, perception, and how to handle life when it doesn’t go according to plan. These are the lessons that will help recovering addicts to reinvent themselves without drugs, which is the hardest part of all.

Don’t hesitate to contact Blu By the Sea to help change someone’s life. With an unbeatable success rate and the surroundings and expertise to facilitate recovery, we can help your loved one to reach their full potential in life.

Drugs We Treat

We treat the following drugs of abuse in our facility, and drugs related to these. Learn more about treatments by following the links below:


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