At Blu by the Sea, our luxury rehab facility and amenities provides compassionate, effective treatment for patients suffering from drug addiction. Our spacious and scenic setting on the beautiful coast of Destin, FL is an ideal place for clients to come and reflect upon their choices, their lives, and their future. Destin is ideally located on Florida’s Emerald Coast, named so for its beautiful, clear green water. The sand on the beaches here is some of the whitest in the world, framing the perfect, picturesque setting. Destin remains warm and beautiful throughout the year, ideal for a walk on the white sand beaches. Our location in Destin is perfectly suited to rest, relaxation and recovery.

The process of recovering from addiction is not only a journey to transform the mind, but also to heal the body and spirit. The atmosphere and accommodations at a treatment center are just as important as the psychosocial therapies.  Seeking out the right recovery environment is the first step to a successful recovery. When people feel engaged and involved in their treatment program and their facilities, they are less likely to quit. The right amenities can often mean the difference between completing rehabilitation and giving up.

From decor and cuisine to landscaping and other various amenities, our treatment facilities at Blu by the Sea are meant to soothe the mind and nourish the body. You will truly be free from the stress and mess of your everyday environment to focus on creating a fresh start and a new outlook.

The aesthetic details of our grounds will encourage motivation to recover and inspire a hope in the future for our clients. A relaxing atmosphere is encouraged by gardens, swimming pools, and walking paths. These added amenities provide an opportunity for personal reflection, exercise, and meditation. All of our living facilities and meeting spaces are beautiful, appointed to provide a focused atmosphere throughout the process of recovery.

The home-like setting of our facility helps you feel comfortable during your stay. You will feel like you are welcome and belong here with our staff. Our small number of residents ensures you get the one-on-one care that you expect from a premier luxury rehab facility. During your stay, you are provided with all the amenities of a home, including a full kitchen, relaxing living room, recreational facilities, large and comfortable beds, and a swimming pool.

Our facilities are created to be beautiful, relaxing and welcoming to better ease the discomforts of recovery. Many of our rooms and living spaces are shared. Shared facilities and peer support are integral to our therapeutic recovery programs. Shared facilities often make peer support easier to both give and receive. Peers can share recovery stories and support each other through their journeys to a new, healthy lifestyle. Shared recreational facilities also reduce the risk of relapse by allowing people to rest and relax in the company of others who are also on a journey through addiction.

Extended stays in a drug rehabilitation program offer the best chances for long-term recovery. Our comfortable facilities nurture a complete treatment in a peaceful setting. All the comforts of home are provided to allow our clients to focus on their recovery, completely undistracted by anything that is lacking in the treatment experience. Medication, treatment, and therapies can ease the physical discomfort of addiction recovery. However, there is a great mental adjustment that comes with recovery. To learn to live a substance-free life and to stop the mental urge for drugs, a healing setting can make all the difference.

At Blu by the Sea, our proven treatment programs help clients overcome drug and alcohol addiction with new life strategies. We help our clients learn new ways of living, thinking and behaving, so they can avoid relapse and addiction and live a new life. Each of our treatment programs is tailored to the individual so that clients get the treatment they need to succeed. To learn more about the programs and facilities at Blu by the Sea, contact us today.