About Us

We Knew There Had To Be A Better Way…

Blu By the Sea was founded by Randy and Debbie Ross after four unsuccessful attempts to save their own son through other programs. “After the fourth unsuccessful attempt we knew that there had to be a better way. Randy and I spent countless hours researching what worked and what didn’t work.

We found that to consistently produce drug-free individuals the center needed to be small and that the recovery method utilize a true, hands-on, one-on-one approach throughout the entire program– not just during counseling sessions.

The facility is clean, neat, and comfortable. All the bedrooms have their own bathroom, television, and DVD player. The food is healthy, delicious and prepared daily using fresh, natural, and wholesome ingredients. I take a personal interest in making sure that our clients are treated with the dignity and respect that everyone rightly deserves. Daily staff meetings at our center help ensure that the administration and staff are up-to-date on our clients’ progress. The meetings also help to maintain the focus of our center, and that is a program using positive reinforcement with recovery being the top priority. Deborah Ross

Owner, Blu By the Sea

Before Opening Our Center

We had learned through numerous interviews with people who have attended other centers that there were several pitfalls and details that needed to be addressed.” Often when people attend a rehab they at first are inclined to focus on whatever negative element they can find such as the facility may be dirty, the food bad, the staff might treat them poorly, etc.

We Eliminated The Negative Elements

We know that when clients are concentrating on elements other than the program, they are not concentrating on what is important to their recovery and, consequently, are not doing the ‘real’ work it takes to get better.

We knew, however, that a private setting with a hands-on approach was needed, and so Randy and I started working to give back the gift of sobriety that our family found. What was our home is now our rehabilitation center. We converted our house in Destin, Florida into a beach front rehabilitation facility.

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