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spiritual addiction treatment
When spirituality is important in someone’s life, it doesn’t cease to be so just because addiction has taken over control. Drug and alcohol abuse may lead an individual to push spiritual beliefs and activities aside, but the thoughts, beliefs and experiences that have been an integral part of the person’s life do not go away completely.

Those who’ve found comfort, healing and growth in spirituality before can find it again while overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol. Whether treatment is needed for one’s self, a family member or friend, spiritual addiction treatment is available to help pave the way.

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  • Treatment Components Offered with Spiritual-Based Recovery- An individual who undergoes drug or alcohol addiction treatment with a spiritual focus receives the same level of quality care as one who doesn’t. A medically supervised withdrawal program begins the program to help the individual be rid of the drugs or alcohol in their body.

    Afterward, a combination of medical treatment for improved mental and physical health, counseling to work through addiction-related issues, and life skills classes to prepare for sober living are all part of the daily process of breaking free from addiction.
  • Unique Offerings in a Spiritual-Based Setting- In a rehab facility that offers spiritual-based programs, users will have the opportunity to work through treatment in conjunction with strengthening the connection with their Higher Power. The guidance and strength found in this personal relationship helps those recovering from addiction to heal and find the hope for a healthier, happier life in sobriety.
  • Christian Spiritual Addiction Treatment- Prayer, worship, praise and thanksgiving are vital parts of the Christian life. Though it may seem there’s not much to praise or be thankful for upon entering rehab, these aspects of Christianity soon become important in the user’s life again.

    A Christian spiritual addiction treatment program provides opportunities throughout the day for the individual to recover while drawing strength from God and recovering from addiction.
  • Buddhist Spiritual Addiction Treatment- Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction with a Buddhist spiritual-based treatment program is focused on the Buddhist philosophies of interdependence, non-violence and compassion. Through the teachings of Buddha and the thorough care of addiction rehabilitation, the user can be restored to a place of peace.

    The practice of meditation in conjunction with treatment increases mindfulness, which helps the individual learn how to live a sober, healthy, spiritual life.

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Reconnect with Spiritual Beliefs While Getting the Help Needed

When addiction takes over a person’s life, they can feel as if they’ve been cut off from the Higher Power that once served as a guiding force in life. But, what they discover while in treatment at Blue By the Sea Drug Rehabilitation, is that the ties to their Higher Power were never severed to begin with; they just got lost in the chaos of addiction.

Our caring staff members can help an individual fighting drug or alcohol get help today. Contact us by filling out and submitting the contact form on this page or call us at 1 (850) 564-7057 to be connected with someone that cares.