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Drug rehabilitation is the process of treating drug addiction, usually by medical or psycho-therapeutic methods. The purpose of long term addiction treatment is generally to stop addicts from using drugs, allowing them to avoid the legal, psychological and physical consequences of drug addiction.

Scientific research clearly shows that an effective drug rehab program must address all of the patient’s needs rather than just the addiction. An addict’s motivation is also an important indicator or the program’s success. Blu By the Sea offers long-term drug rehab, which provides the best opportunities for a client’s recovery.

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How to Succeed

The success of an addiction treatment program is measured by the ability of its clients to remain sober over the long term. Long term addiction treatment is more likely to succeed because effective rehabilitation requires addicts to modify their behavior, which requires time to accomplish.

These rehab programs consist of three phases of care, including primary treatment, sober living and outpatient support. Each of these phases must be effective in order for the program to succeed.

A traditional short-term drug rehab program lasts for a specific period, typically 30 days. Blu By the Sea offers a long-term program goal-based program, meaning that clients must meet the goal of each phase, before proceeding to the phase.

The average duration of this program varies depending on the clients. Some clients may complete the program in two months, while others may require a longer stay. A long-term program is especially helpful for clients addicted to hard street drugs such as cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine’s.


Blu By the Sea considers individuals to be clients, rather than patients. Each client enrolls in this long-term drug rehab program to learn about their addiction. This program emphasizes personal responsibility and does not allow clients to think of themselves as victims.

Clients who complete the Blu By the Sea program should be able to meet the following criteria:

  • Live a drug-free life
  • Accept new ideas on improving their lives
  • Contribute to society without getting into legal difficulties
  • Solve problems instead of resorting to drug use

Addiction Treatment Courses Make a Difference

The long-term drug rehab program at Blu By the Sea includes the following courses:

  • Withdrawal
  • Communications
  • New Life Purification
  • Learning Improvement
  • Communications and Perception
  • Ups and Downs in Life
  • Personal Values and Integrity
  • Changing Conditions in Life
  • The Way to Happiness

Proper NutritionWithdrawal phases relies on proper nutrition and special techniques instead of medication to relieve withdrawal symptoms. The communication course helps clients to regain their confidence when communicating with others.

The Learning Improvement session teaches clients to overcome barriers to learning and retain knowledge more effectively. The Communication and Perception course repeats the Communication course.

The Ups and Downs in Life course teaches clients to recognize triggers in their lives that could cause them to use drugs again. This course also helps clients to identify their destructive personality traits.

The Personal Values and Integrity course provides clients with a system of ethics that helps them after they return home. The Changing Conditions in Life Course provides them with a formula to improve their lives. The Way to Happiness course teaches clients a moral code that will allow them to lead happier lives without drugs.

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